Fingerprint FAQ

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Unsure your imprint will return a lovely result? You are welcome to email a photo for review OR ask any questions via: (flash ON + filters OFF)
You can also view the 'FINGERPRINTS' highlights tab on Instagram, it is full of short videos and tips on how to complete a successful print.

⋒  H O W   T O   O R D E R 

Select the number of completed pendants and desired chain length as well as if you wish to add a stamped custom letter before adding to your cart. Once your order has been placed, your Wax Impression Kit will be prepared to post within 2 business days to the delivery address submitted within your order.

- The kit contains everything you need to create your unique wax impression and return postage. 

- Once completed, return your favourite wax impressions to our studio ready to be formed into a precious metal pendant using a one time only mould from the exact wax impression you crafted. 

- Once polished and added to your chain, your completed fine metal pendant is presented in a gift box and returned back to you now ready to wear and cherish!

⋒  W H A T   I S   I N S I D E   T H E   K I T 

Inside your Wax Impression Kit you will receive everything needed to create a one-of-a-kind precious metal pendant in either a MINI or ORIGINAL size as you selected.  Packaged inside a beautiful gift box, your kit includes premeasured specialist imprint wax along with detailed instructional information and tips of how to create the perfect prints.  We have also included a delightful essential oil moisturising balm and of course a return postage to send your completed impressions back for casting into fine metal. Please be sure to fill out the customer card before sending it back to us so we can easily match your prints to your order.

⋒  H O W   I S   M Y   P E N D A N T   M A D E ? 

Once you have completed your wax impressions, we suggest using a felt tip marker to place a small dot along outer edge of each wax imprint to indicate the 'TOP'.  This helps us determine how you envisaged your pendant to hang from its chain once complete. If no orientation is marked, it will be placed where we feel is best suited to the design and thickness of each piece (pen will not appear on final piece).

Upon return to our studio, you will receive confirmation your wax impression is suitable for casting before proceeding with final work, we will also confirm if you desire to have hand stamped initials onto your pieces.

To create your fingerprint pendant, we use a traditional 'Lost Wax Casting' technique. A metal casting process dating back to 3700BC in which molten metal is poured into a single use mould made directly from your unique wax model. The wax is melted away in place of the fine metals to capture the beautifully fine details and authentic impression, as the wax dissipates and is replaced by the molten metal - the initial wax mould is 'LOST'.

⋒  S E N D I N G   T H E   K I T   A S   A   G I F T 

What a thoughtful gift, a treasured one-of-a-kind keepsake your recipient plays a part in making. If you wish to have a gift boxed impression kit sent direct to your recipient, simply enter their details in the shipping details when you place your order.

We run a paperless system, rest assured we will never include a receipt with your gift. We will however include a photo indicative of the final piece you have selected and comprehensive instructions for your recipient to enjoy the process of crafting their own unique keepsake.

⋒  L E A D   T I M  E   ⋒

Once your order has been placed online, your Wax Impression Kit will be prepared to post within 2 business days to the delivery address submitted within your order.

After the impression process has been completed by you and the wax impressions received back at our studio, your final pendant will be completed within approximately 4 weeks. These time frames may be slightly longer during peak periods. If your requirements are governed by a specific date, it is best to get in touch prior to placing your order to discuss.

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⋒  M U L T I P L E   P E N D A N T S 

If you would like a necklace to feature multiple pendants on one chain, simply select the desired number of pendants from the product page when ordering OR alternatively choose one of each size for a layered style. You may choose to make one pendant per child, this is also a fantastic option for those wanting multiple impressions from loved one(s) that are unable to complete a double sided pendant together.

Your unique wax imprint can be single or double sided. Your finished jewellery piece will look exactly as your wax impression. Pricing is per pendant NOT per fingerprint, there is no additional charge to make your piece double sided. Your design is limited only by your imagination!  

⋒  M A K E   A   P E N D A N T   F R O M   A N   I N K  P R I N T 

Sadly we are unable to use ink based fingerprints.  Our specific process requires a three dimensional imprint to be formed into the wax before casting from an in person process only.

⋒  D O U B L E   S I D E D  +  P E T   P R I N T S  ⋒

Your unique wax imprint can be single or double sided. Your finished jewellery piece will look exactly as your wax impression. Pricing is per pendant NOT per fingerprint, there is no additional charge to make your piece double sided. 

When completing your imprints, how you make your impression is entirely up to you. The included instructions detail single impressions, double sided and pet prints. Your finished jewellery piece will look exactly as your completed wax impression.

NOTE - participants will need to complete double sided prints at the same time, double sided prints CANNOT be done in parts.

⋒  A D D I  N G   I N I T I A L S   O R   L E T T E R S 

Most pendants can have a small lower case initial added to the design, this is especially lovely when designing multiple pendants. Please indicate your preference for an initial to be hand stamped into your design during the checkout process, confirmation over letters, placement and suitability will be discussed prior to completion. 

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⋒  T H E   P E R F E C T   P R I N T  ⋒

Your finished jewellery piece will look exactly as your impression.

If you love the shape, placement and thickness of your wax disc and can see a clear imprint/texture; CONGRATULATIONS! You will receive confirmation your wax impressions have been returned to us and are suitable for casting before proceeding with final work.

Unsure your imprint will return a lovely result? You are welcome to email a photo for review OR ask any questions via (flash ON + filters OFF)

We recommend completing TWO pendant impressions to allow for a fail-safe.

REMEMBER - your final piece will look exactly as your wax does, unique shapes will be cast in metal just as they appear now. Imprints are not altered in any way before your jewellery piece is formed using a one time only mold from your unique impression.

If we believe your impressions will not yield a suitable result we will contact you before proceeding however it is important to know that our interpretation of a good print may be different to yours so it is best to be sure you are happy with your imprints before you send them back.

⋒  A   N O T E   O N   A G E  ⋒

Generally children under ONE year have not formed deep fingerprints. It is possible to capture their print, but please be aware; it cannot be guarunteed you will return a defined impression, it is case by case. A guide on the print definition achievable for children is seen within the listing images. You may wish to wait and try again at a later date, or proceed now with an imprint to capture the general shape of their tiny fingers.

If you wish to place an order for multiple pendants with children of varying ages, you are most welcome to hold onto both impressions until you are ready. The wax doesn’t expire and there is no limit on when you can send them back to be made into your final piece. 

It is common for grandparents fingerprints to less defined, in this case we recommend creating a stunning piece focussed around the shape of the outline of their finger.  You may also wish to try a different areas to imprint such as their knuckle or palm to collect the beauty and unique lines of their hands.

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⋒  M A T E R I A L S  ⋒

We use only solid .925 (92.5%) Sterling Silver for both the pendant and chain. You can wear these pieces in the shower and they will keep their colours and strength. (Chemical additives to swimming pools will darken the polish, it is recommended to remove to ensure the best quality of wear)


Why don't you use 100% Silver?

.925 is used to identify genuine sterling silver, which contains 92.5% silver.  Pure 100% silver is naturally very soft, and would easily bend or break if used for jewellery without being blended with a stronger metal. 

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 ⋒  S T O R A G E  +  C A R E  ⋒

Store all pieces with the care and intention a handmade item deserves.  Keep safely in a cool dry place. Jewellery should be applied last; after all lotions, potions and cosmetics.  Remove before sleeping or swimming to ensure longevity of shine and shape. Clean jewellery with cloth provided.

 ⋒  G I F T  W R A P P I N G  ⋒

All items are carefully packaged for you ready to gift. As an environmental practice, we do not print packaging slips or receipts to be sent with purchases, so you can safely send directly to your recipient. 

 ⋒  C O N C E R N S  ⋒

All our work is crafted by hand in our Brisbane studio and undergoes careful quality control measures. However faults can occasionally occur or jewellery can be damaged in the post.
If your jewellery is faulty, we will discuss replacement, repair or refund after we have received and processed your enquiry. Please email to discuss further 


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