what's my ring size?

We offer rings in 20 SIZE INCLUSIVE options to fit all hands. To accurately measure your ring size simply purchase our Ring Sizing Tool for just $4 (incl postage).

The ring sizer is an adjustable belt with multiple rings of incremental sizes. Simply close the loop and slot the ring on the finger you plan to wear your ring, adjusting to a width that comfortably slides over your knuckle, the indicator will identify your ring size marked with a corresponding letter of the alphabet.  


If you have a ring you are wearing and you want to buy another one of the same size, you can simply measure its diameter with a ruler. Place the ring on a piece of paper, trace the inside circle and measure the distance between the far ends of the INNER circle (the diameter).

Take your inner measurement and multiply by 3.14 o obtain the circumference of your size -  match your circumference measurement to the below letter size chart to determine your size.

EG. A ring has a 17mm inner diameter, multiplied by 3.14 = 53.38mm Circumference which falls between two sizes, size 'O' is recommended (when measurements fall between two sizes, order the larger size)


All fingers are different and the dominant hand tends to have a slightly larger size. If you wish to wear your ring on a different finger than your current jewellery take a thin strip of paper, wrap it around your finger, and mark where the paper overlaps. To ensure the ring will slide over your knuckle with ease, cut the excess paper from the strip and secure the ends flush together with tape, making a paper ring model. This will enable you to slide the paper on and off and ensure a comfortable fit. When happy with the fit, peel open the tape and measure the length of the paper to determine the circumference of your desired size, refer to the chart to below for your relevant Letter sizing.



-  TIPS -

  • If your measurements fall between two sizes, order the larger size.
  • Make sure to take measurements at normal body temperature. Fingers have the tendency to shrink when cold and can change throughout the day slightly.
  • If your finger is larger at the knuckle than at the base, choose the size that will move over your knuckle easiest.
  • We do not recommend using string to measure, this method has a high chance of error being a flexible material that will not accurately mimic a metal ring.
  • Some movement when rings is normal and to be expected. A well fitting ring should slide on fairly easily, but resist enough when sliding off that there’s no risk of it falling off without you noticing.
  • Many factors can affect your ring size including body temperature, climate, salt intake, hydration intake, and hormones. We recommend measuring your finger at different times of the day to get an average. Most people find that their finger is smaller in winter than it is in summer, so please keep these temperature variances in mind when determining your size.