ATELIER: [noun] ( meditative artists studio

We make jewellery, ceramics + social change through tampons.

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Inspired by nature for the fashion minimalist, All our work is crafted by hand from raw materials in our Brisbane studio. ORGANIC, NEUTRAL AND PLAYFUL - Sticks and Stones Atelier was given life by Australian floral artist turned jeweller - Casey Mayne. 

Our ethos is focussed on engaging positive change within our community. We are proud to partner with 'SHARE THE DIGNITY', an Australian based organisation seeking to end 'Period Poverty' (read how you are helping HERE). For every item sold, we donate a pack of period products to the share the dignity as well as volunteer directly to assist distribution of donated goods.

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Nature speaks to me, my appreciation for mother nature morphs into my ceramic arts and silversmithing. I take inspiration from free flowing organic movements of plant matter and flowers to form fine jewellery and delicate home-ware pieces stemming from my career as an event florist.
My materials demand patience, you can’t rush the process for risk of ruining the result. There is great beauty in taking time to craft something with intention by hand; working on small batch works allows me to operate a sustainable and intentional studio practice.
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Our materials are sourced from locally owned micro businesses, together we are supporting independent design, supporting women in business and striving for zero waste sustainable practices. 

Every area of our studio has been optimised to ensure we are striving to be more purposeful with our practises and strive towards ZERO waste sustainability.
We ship using certified biodegradable and recycled consumer packaging that can be further re-purposed and recycled.
Re-use packaging and plastic wrap currently in circulation (goods delivered) instead of going to landfill or buying new consumables.
(DID YOU KNOW - some types of packing peanuts and bubble wrap can take OVER 500 years to biodegrade!?)
Run a paperless system - no packing slips or order printing.
Metal dust and off cuts are collected to melt back into recycled materials, especially important as silver and gold is a precious commodity.
We are proudly a member of the the Hero Pack, using plastic free 100% compostable plant based mailers. Reusable revolution - cut along the line and re-use it with a second adhesive. Once the mailer has been used up, cut it up and put it in the compost bin!